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Peaceful household, happy children, calm parents - Is it possible?

A remarkable woman - JOANE GOULDING

In 2015 I was fortunate to be introduced & then later trained by Joane Goulding.

Joane, a highly skilled & professional trainer had commenced the beginning of the Sleeptalk Process & founded the Goulding Institute.

55 years later & Joane Gouldings beautiful gift to parents worldwide continues to be facilitated with fully endorsed consultants and trainers upholding the now JOANE GOULDING METHOD

I have continued to use The Joane Goulding Method with many children, including my own. I never get tired of hearing parents describe The Joane Goulding Method as a magic wand for parenting!

Parent support that is Simple, Gentle & Effortless

If you have children, be them babies, toddlers or teens & if you are experiencing fractious behaviour, emotional outbursts, disrupted household calm, sibling rivalry, anxiety, post online school refusals and the many, many other concerns that face modern parents and families, do get in touch & let me tell you about this valuable parenting magic wand!

A gift that lasts a lifetime TWO simple minutes while your child sleeps Emotional Hugs

Find out more about me on the homepage & I look forward to supporting your family

Night, night



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