Due to consultancy commitments, Carla is not operating the Music Together® classes for the remainder of 2019. Carla is still available for Sleep Talk® and Pathways to Learning Support.

Music Together

Music together is an internationally recognized early childhood music program for infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, kindergarteners and the adults who love them. First offered to the public in 1987, it pioneered the concept of a research based developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum that strongly emphasies and facilitates adult movement.

Music Together classes are based on the recognition that all children are musical. All children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat and participate with confidence in the music of our culture, provided that their early environment supports such learning.


Music Together Big Kids is a 45 minute class geared to the interests and abilities of

5, 6 and 7 year olds. The program blends the elements of Music Together that parents

and children love with new activities, skills and challenges that are developmentally

appropriate for this age group.


Big Kids classes lay the foundation for Basic Music Literacy, complementing

music instruction in school or instrument lessons, and leading to a lifetime of

joyful music-making. In a safe, fun environment, your child can experiment with

new activities like conducting and improvisation, story songs and game songs.

Big Kids classes are taught in English by Carla Pahl.



Parent attendance is not required, this is an unaccompanied class. Each family will have a “Big Kids” pack so that the entire family can continue the fun and learning at home and parents can stay connected with what the child is learning in class. At the end of the 10-week semester parents will be invited to the class to experience and enjoy the activities your child has been learning.

Music Together Big Kids®Classes