Due to consultancy commitments, Carla is not operating the Twinkle Bugs or Glitter Bugs classes for the remainder of 2019. Carla is still available for Sleep Talk® and Pathways to Learning Support.
​Twinkle Bugs

Parent-infant development class

It’s all about your baby.

Carla has been teaching infant development classes for more than 15 years. An experienced midwife and neonatal nurse, neuro educator and music together director, you can be assured your class is taught by an exceptionally experienced professional. Carla will bring you a dynamic, enjoyable and beneficial program.

Learn how exercises and activities to stimulate your baby at the right stage of development will help set solid foundations for later learning. Understand the importance of locomotion in infant development. Gain useful information on reflexes, massage, baby yoga, movement and music and so much more. Enjoy our fully imported baby gymnasium in our fully structured class. 
Be amazed at what your baby can teach you!


Twinkle Bugs - because active and stimulated babies grow into clever, happy children.


Non-mobile and mobile babies (non-walkers)


Glitter Bugs

So Much More Than a Playgroup: Quality Pre-3 Education. 


A fun and educational pre-nursery for your child from birth to 3 years old. Our dynamic and experienced class facilitators ensure your child has a rich, active and joyful learning experience building a solid foundation for later learning.

Our Glitterbugs pre-nurseries are structured, purposeful and lots of fun. Our exceptional facilitators ensure your child gets the right balance in every session. Foundation stage learning is Child’s play but at Just Juniors our quality program is the right recipe for your child’s development!

We are fortunate to have lots of space at our facilities so your child can enjoy pre- sports (balls/hoops etc.), art and craft, music, story time & all the other essential ingredients for a great start to learning in a fun way. We have wonderful equipment, much of which is imported from the US, Australia and New Zealand and meets all Australian and US safety standards. 

With strong neuro-educational backgrounds, Early Years Education, special needs skills and paediatric and midwifery training the Just Juniors team offer the highest level of expertise with a core developed range of programs to enhance your child’s development.

Our curriculum core is written by a neuro development therapist and our experienced and mature (long term) teacher’s care about your children and how they teach them!


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